1. Yes, Wesley

  2. Behold
    The Skamikazies

  3. Constant Use + EP

  4. Blah!
    Bloody Wankers

  5. Mystery
    Galleons Lap

  6. The Black Arts
    The Windmill Failure

  7. Solace

  8. Green Album

  9. Dehumanize Yourself
    Puddle Jumper

  10. You Were My October
    Puddle Jumper

  11. Losing Track...
    As You Were

  12. Demo

  13. It's What's For Fucking Dinner
    Murder Basket

  14. Arrival

  15. Rejected / How Could Things Get Any Worse?
    Hated Youth

  16. Distempter

  17. Digging Up The Grave Again
    Disciples Of Hate

  18. Hoth Wompah
    Hoth Wompah

  19. Bright Orange End
    Tripmaster Monkey

  20. Practice Changes
    Tripmaster Monkey

  21. Goodbye Race
    Tripmaster Monkey

  22. Faster Than Dwight
    Tripmaster Monkey

  23. We Are All Legend
    Quiet Bears

  24. Creatures
    Quiet Bears

  25. Tiny Whispers
    Quiet Bears

  26. Oh, The Falling Of A Farmer
    Quiet Bears

  27. Golden Sun
    The Winter Blanket

  28. Prescription Perils
    The Winter Blanket

  29. Actors and Actresses
    The Winter Blanket

  30. Hopeless Lullaby
    The Winter Blanket

  31. Toasted Sushi Nori
    The Windmill Failure

  32. Impaled In Comparison + EP

  33. Power Rock Mack Daddys + EP
    Gross Motor

  34. Demo

  35. A Few Works After Drink
    Iowa Compilation Volume 5

  36. Turned To Hate

  37. Catamount Sessions

  38. Basement Sessions

  39. Rock N' Roll is Dead
    The Afterdarks

  40. Shooting Down The Christ Myth
    Fork Knife Spoon

  41. All Empires Fall
    Fork Knife Spoon

  42. The Legwarmers
    The Legwarmers

  43. Tales Of The Arkenoid Ensemble
    The Legwarmers

  44. Hurry Up And Wait

  45. Up & Over

  46. Maylane

  47. Discography
    Arc Find

  48. Stop, Drop, and Die
    Imminent Peril

  49. First Offense / Persist

  50. Leisure Time
    Meth and Goats

  51. Attack from Meth and Goats Mountain
    Meth and Goats

  52. (First Demo)
    Meth and Goats

  53. The Holistics EP
    The Holistics

  54. Discography
    Lord Green

  55. Turning EP
    Is World

  56. That's What I'm Talking About
    From The Wreckage

  57. For Our Pleasure
    Driver of the Year

  58. Butt Lynt
    Butt Lynt

  59. The Cuts!

  60. Demo
    Killer Bear

  61. FMA
    Fly Mexican Airlines

  62. Quad Cities Presents
    Rockstarz: A Compilation

  63. Inspiration for Aggrovation
    Bloody Wankers

  64. Flabbergaster

  65. Demo '05 / Demo '06
    Torch The Morgue

  66. Self Titled

  67. From The Heartland
    Preacher Gone To Texas

  68. Choice vs. Chance
    Preacher Gone To Texas

  69. Motion To Melody
    Preacher Gone To Texas

  70. S/T
    Paper Children

  71. Monterrey

  72. Totally Cosmetic

  73. Some Girls Would Say...
    Driver Of The Year

  74. Get My Black On
    The Adaptors

  75. S/T, Know We Are
    Only Ten Between Us

  76. Ends in Fantasy

  77. The Night In Bloom

  78. The Floating World

  79. Demo Tape
    Tri Lambs

  80. Fall 2004 Demo
    The Intervention

  81. Their Exquisite Cosmic Lemon Escapade
    Lazer Mountain

  82. We Were Wild Buffalo
    The Ballet

  83. Good Friends
    Pictures Of A City

  84. Live at Eagle Reception Hall
    Tri Lambs


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